Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On Obama

Here are a few observations:

Obama isn't president, yet. This is no time to be impatient. We should at least give the guy a chance.

Obama is dedicated to doing the right thing, even though it may appear he's a bit too accommodating.

Obama is a lover of the law as compared to Bush and Cheney who are lovers of profit.

One man can't change the entire planet although Obama's rise is reason for hope.

World leaders will respond positively to Obama's leadership which will ensure a new global direction.

America gets the enemies we create. If we stop bombing innocent people, maybe we could make some friends.

The "defense" budget is the core of our problems and why everything looks like a nail.

War has been obsolete since 1945. We should believe Obama only after he makes this statement in some form.

Obama will view the world differently because the four women he brings with him into the White House will force him to do so. He's outnumbered. Michelle, her mother and two daughters are our insurance policy for change.

Mandela is important simply because he exists.

War is the ultimate form of Terrorism -- the big "T" kind.

America is the only nation currently at war with other nations. More specifically, we're engaged in racist imperialism against poor, defenseless black and brown peoples who happen to live atop or near oil. In other words, the world would be at peace if we just stopped bombing poor people into oblivion.

There is no such thing as a war on terrorism. There are wars OF terrorism launched by us and England.

Lest we forget, 9/11 was demonstrably an inside job. There's a mountain of evidence to prove it.

Hunger for food and freedom are humanity's top priorities. Our top priority apparently is to make sure these problems persist so we can bomb those who protest their collective captivity and degradation. This insanity will stop only when we take the profit motive out of our alleged "defense" budgets.

Sarah Palin is the antithesis to Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama won. 'Nuf said.

Obama will become a legendary leader because we're all sick and tired of being sick and tired. He has the mandate necessary to make serious changes our citizens will accept. Although there's reason to be wary about his top choices for leadership positions, we know why he's choosing them. He's doing the right thing and, like he's said repeatedly, the buck and inspiration starts and stops with him. We should give him the benefit of the doubt. He's not likely to do any worse than the monstrous morons who ran the planet into a cosmic ditch. Political leadership requires vision and flexibility of purpose. The first person to give Obama the runaround will get the collar. We can be certain of this because Barack has demonstrated he knows how to run a tight ship. He won the 2008 presidential election through organizational brilliance. This fact alone should leave us confident of his ability to get things done. He will enter office with the greatest pile of political capital since FDR. Obama will put pressure on our war-mongering policies by placing great influential faith in Hillary rather than the Pentagon. Our foreign policy will be dominated by diplomacy, not militancy. For the very first time, women will run the White House and the world.

A new day is coming. Barack has promised it. Let's wait and see if he can deliver. There's nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Change is the idea and the time is now. We must keep hope alive and believe in our better angels to help us move forward. It's simply the least we can do.

Franklin L. Johnson