Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election 2010: The Truth

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it (and weep)!

The Repugs with campaign money from the military industrial media incarceration complex (MIMIC) have quietly raised the specter of out-of-control federal spending feeding runaway deficits. Along with the latest fabricated "terrorism" tales, they're attempting to scare the electorate into voting against their own best interests...AGAIN! Using mass mailings, they've gotten out front of the information and election cycles to pump the people full of malarkey about the alleged incompetence of the Obama administration in spending us into oblivion. Barack hasn't been incompetent in any way. In fact, the only thing he's guilty of is trying to fulfill the impossible promise he was sent to Washington to achieve. The president, so far, has been overly cautious in his approach to our problems. This is true. Yet, this should've been expected from Obama who has productively spent a lot of his time understanding how to perform his executive duties.

Obama and the Dems did a poor job of informing the American people it's jobs, not the deficit, which is their top priority. The deficit hawks were all over the Sunday talk shows crabbing about we need to get the deficit down. No, we don't! We need to put people back to work first. Then, the deficits will take care of themselves eventually when tax revenues come in from the newly employed.

We must observe what happened to FDR in the mid-1930s. His massive programs to put Americans back to work resulted in strong growth during this period. Then, in response to heavy political pressure from the deficit hawks, he curbed federal

spending in 1938. The economy promptly contracted 3%. Fiscal austerity was applied much too soon. He should've waited until the economy was completely healthy and confidently producing goods and services. Instead, it took the advent of WWII to forge a sustainable recovery.

FDR and the Dems took it on the chin at the polls in 1938. It's evident Obama didn't learn this lesson from his history book because he made the same mistakes as Roosevelt. The stimulus package was insufficient to eliminate the monstrous mess left by the Bush mob. Unfortunately, the congress wouldn't have passed a larger stimulus bill, even if Obama presented one. The president is wilting under relentless attacks from rude Repug deficit hawks, demanding deep cuts to social programs. Obama and the Dems should take it on the chin today because they didn't absorb the facts from American history. The Repugs, on the other hand, did read their history books. Nevertheless, they're recommending the same flawed remedies which stalled the recovery from the Great Depression. Federal fiscal retrenchment led indirectly to WWII. The Repugs don't want to lead. They want to satisfy their greed and lust for power.

The military industrial media incarceration complex (MIMIC) is secretly funding
many recalcitrant Repugs in a concerted effort to stave off any reasonable restraint put on the defense and CIA budgets. They're already spreading rumors of war, quite possibly in Yemen, to ensure martial money continues to flow and grow. Despite the fact we no longer have a USSR or Red Menace to fear, the Pentagon is contriving insignificant enemies and inflating their threat levels well beyond their actual degrees of menace. This is being done to put Repugs back in congressional control of our national purse strings. Obama and the Dems would be left with only one recourse, namely, to filibuster and/or veto Repug bills specifically designed to slash social programs. Meanwhile, the rabid right-wing frothers will continue to use fear, anger and hatred to foment rumblings of all war, all the time. This is how we got into this evil fix in the first place. The insane cycle of emotionally inspired militarism against imaginary enemies must be broken if America is to survive as a democratic republic.

Obama and the Dems don't seem to see this blatant fiscal forest for the Repug trees. Adjusted for inflation, the Pentagon and CIA budgets could be halved over the next decade with little or no effect on our defense and intelligence readiness. How much longer must we endure reports about the Pentagon losing trillions of dollars? If we stopped overfunding them, they won't have reason to waste time contriving lies about how they lost the mountains of money appropriated. Perhaps, we'll finally get some serious bang for our hard-earned tax bucks.

The savings would help to get the federal budget back under control while putting unemployed Americans to work rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. The Repugs want us to substitute these priorities with an attack on our social network and another war in Yemen on top of the two being waged in the Middle East. Although this is the actual political struggle going on in America today, you won't read about it anywhere in the media or see it on the evening news. America won't progress any further until we begin to respond to the questions about our critical condition with clear, moral and useful answers.

Franklin L. Johnson


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