Sunday, October 11, 2009

Michael Moore Deserves
The Nobel Peace Prize

Hey Mike,

Obama shouldn't receive that award without YOU standing next to him.

There comes a time when, as a nation, we should measure ourselves. We should ask: What kind of nation do we really want to be? What kind of leadership should we provide the world? And what do we really mean by the word "patriotism?"

Mike, there are few Americans who have the personal portfolio which merits consideration for the legendary Nobel Peace Prize. Barack is getting this honor because he encouraged our people to believe again. In the simple slogan: "Yes, we can!" he moved Americans to the voting booths in record numbers. The bubbling enthusiasm shimmered across the oceans to move others and inspire them to action. No man, since Dr. Martin Luther King, has had such an impact -- except YOU.

Mike, YOU share so many of the same accomplishments as our president. You've spent your life putting a human face on the "real" side of America. YOU asked your movie viewers to get beyond the "We're No. 1!" balder-hype to see the truth about America's failures to live up to our national creed. Like Obama, your little documentaries, which became blockbuster hits, moved Americans to tears, then to action. And, like Obama, YOU ignited the relentless hatred of the rabid right, simply because YOU told the truth.

Mike, YOU belong at that podium with the president because your body of work for peace, justice and human dignity is peerless. It was YOU, well before there even was an Obama candidacy, who put the finger on our failed car industry, our saturation with guns, our sickness maintenance system, our vigilante injustice system, our poisonous meat industry, our stolen national elections, our mobster presidents and, yes, our decrepit capitalist imperialism. None of these dangerous American trends has anything to do with helping spread peace, justice or democracy. In fact, we have little evidence these ideals are actually pursued right here at home.

Now, some might say YOU don't deserve consideration for the Nobel Peace Prize simply because you're just a dude who makes controversial documentaries. Others would say you're a troublemaker who hates America. Well, I have news for them. No one shows a greater love for America than when he or she takes the time and bears the expense to point out the obvious about our shortcomings. Isn't this the true meaning of patriotism? YOU didn't expend your precious resources to make your documentaries because you hate America. Quite the contrary, Mike, YOU demonstrated your love and patriotism because there's no doubt YOU want to make America better.

The furious frothers on the right can rip their garments 'til Hell freezes over, these ugly acts of self-hatred alone won't change the fact the course of human history is once again moving in the right direction. Mike, YOU were there when there was no Barack Obama. YOU were there when Reagan started our nation on the wrong path to injustice and inequality. YOU were there when Clinton squandered his date with history by using the wrong head. And YOU were there when the Bush mob tried to destroy everything this nation ever stood for.

Despite the euphoria behind Obama, it won't be an easy road because the Republicans are fighting for their political lives. At this point, they know it's either do or die for them next year. So, they'll do whatever they can to destroy Obama because they must. The only way they can win is with lies, lies and more lies. So, Mike, this is where YOU come in. Your job is to make sure the facts are kept straight about what's really happening in America and around the world. With Obama making policy and you putting a human face on it, there's truly a reason for hope. Yes, yes, yes, we (and YOU) can!

In order to get a head start on the process, I hereby nominate YOU, Mr. Michael Moore, for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

Franklin L. Johnson


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