Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Why Are Americans Overweight?
We Are Hungry!

There are several reasons why Americans are the fattest people in history. Like our waistlines, the problem confronting us has many layers. Let's look at our basic diet. Most of the items, such as refined bread, meat, eggs, milk, salt and sugar, now come with warning labels. Further, Americans have been conditioned to treat food as filler instead of nutrition. Fast food advertisers pump up the "Super Sized" meal as the icon of contentment. Flagrant disregard for caloric quantity and quality balloons our bellies. Despite the vast information available to help us design a healthful diet, many Americans prefer to take the easy way out. Diet pills and drinks are often ineffective when they're devoid of menu management and proper exercise.

Our fast food society is suet saturated with suspicious products from the Wild West meat industry. Americans ingest heaping helpings of fried delights, but few vegetables and fruits. When you wrap these deadly ingredients in a sedentary, "couch potato" lifestyle, you have a recipe for rampant disease and social collapse.

Our favorite foods are not only inedible, some are even dangerous. The US government "greased" the way for corporate consolidation in various food divisions from farmers to grocers. During this race to the bottom line, food safety and quality were sacrificed. In order to get more bang for the investment buck, these mega-companies began feeding livestock growth hormones to shorten the maturation cycle. Although the animals grew faster in a shorter period of time, the result wasn't better meat.

Basically, the hormones stimulate water retention. So, a pound of Frankenmeat goes to market with more water and less nutritional value at a higher price. Vitamin additives are inadequate and antibiotic overuse is probably harmful. The meat derived from this process is unnatural and tasteless. Also, it's unknown what hormone/antibiotic soups do to the human body over many years, especially to women. However, there's no doubt eating Frankenmeat boosts the waistline.

Frankenmeat fast foods come in second behind the leading cause of waist inflation: comfort snacks. Today, Americans are working harder for less money and under greater stress than at any time in recent memory. Fear caused by perceived hikes in terrorism and crime has forced many citizens into self-imposed hermitage. More TV time encourages snacking. Again, Americans have been conditioned to feast on comfort foods full of sugar and salt. The addictive quality of these products offers little satisfaction while enhancing craving. The admen and producers bet heavily you can't eat just one.

There's a more disturbing element in the overweight equation: our loss of faith in the American Dream. George Bush's constant war rants destroyed American optimism. He replaced it with endless dread and sadness. We try to drown our depression in a fetid formula of alcohol, drugs and comfort foods. Yet, the more George Bush threatens humanity with weapons and war, the wider our waistlines get. It seems we've internalized Bush's nuclear madness. And it's blowing us to bits from the inside out.

Americans are overweight because we're hungry for a more peaceful world; more useful lives and more inspired leadership. Most of all, we're hungry for a return to a grand and glorious national purpose. These wishes will never be fulfilled by a Happy Meal or a bag of stale potato chips.

Americans are overweight because we're overstressed and unhappy. Each day our suffering increases as our so-called leaders bow down to the god of war. Throughout the ages, the toughest sects to eradicate weren't those which revered Jesus or Krishna or Buddha. The most resilient believers worshipped images of the mother goddess. Both men and women sought her blessing because she embodied the essence of eternal peace, love, compassion and forgiveness. War brings only pain and sorrow to everyone. Americans are hungry for peace and justice. In order for us to regain our health, we must destroy the golden calf of war and replace it with the mother goddess of peace (Statue of Liberty). We must always remember the road to salvation has no Golden Arches or Drive-Thru window.

Franklin L. Johnson

Sunday, March 02, 2003

The Rise
Of The Cro-Magnon Killer Cretins

George W. Bush woke up one day and discovered his handlers made him president of the United States. After a long period of confused disbelief, he finally realized he'd been shoved inside the White House without a clue as to what to do. The "vision thing" problem was flipped onto his lap. Then, everyone left the Oval Office.

It's amazing how George Bush was forced into the White House without a credible plan for the economy, our schools, health care, Social Security or America's future. His sole plan, a crippling tax cut, emptied the US Treasury and created mega-deficits for future generations to pay. When you remove the Social Security surplus from Bush's federal budget figures, actual deficits are running $500 billion a year. Is it mere coincidence the defense and deficit numbers are running about the same amount? These figures are simply incomprehensible and unsustainable.

In two years, George Bush has managed to mismanage the globe's greatest economy into penury. American workers have been thrown out of work by the million. Company and personal bankruptcies are at record levels. Corporate fraud is out of control. Legal and illegal drugs are rampant. And anguished anxiety is spreading like wildfire as the world wonders who's in charge at the White House. Just when it appears matters couldn't get worse, we find ourselves confronted with the most serious threat to civilized survival: the rise of George Bush's Cro-Magnon killer cretins.

Leaders who see things only in black and white (with us or against us) are always dangerous. They resort to primitive responses to crises when their lack of creative leadership is exposed. At this point in time, George W. Bush is the worst person to hold the US presidency because he's woefully unprepared for the challenges before him. America didn't reach this dire state of affairs by fate or accident. This sorry scenario needed a whole lot of help.

The military industrial incarceration complex planned for global domination ever since the end of World War II. The US played global chess with the soviets during the so-called cold war. This period was very hot for most small, developing nations because millions of innocent civilians were mass murdered in various proxy wars. To a certain extent, the World War industry was satisfied with this global stalemate because it could always extort trillions from the US Treasury under the guise of fighting communism. Then, two crucial events altered this equation.

In 1989, the USSR decided to quit the chess match. Actually, Russia had no choice since it had been bankrupt for decades and could no longer hide this fact. However, our World War industry took full advantage of Russia's default and another important development: the exponential growth of computerization.

The World War industry pushed technology to the limit during the building of our state-of-the-art arsenal. The wars in Grenada, Panama, the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq were basically contrived in order to use these lands as live testing arenas for our new weapon systems. None of these problems required overwhelming military response, except perhaps Iraq One. War was necessary then because the US and Europe oversold WMD weapons to Saddam Hussein. George Bush rants and raves Iraq is now a threat to world peace even though the US has held this humbled nation under 24-hour solitary confinement for more than a dozen years. During that time, a million Iraqis died from hunger, disease, embargo and a devastated infrastructure. America and her bought and bullied "allies" are responsible for these crimes against the Iraqi people. In other cases, we must acknowledge terrorism is a direct reaction to US sponsored violence.

While George Bush would like us to believe the world's problems were brought to our doorstep, the evidence paints an entirely different picture. When our World War industry received a blank check to raid the US Treasury, it only follows the "Defense" department would go to great lengths to justify the mountain of money it hauled away each year. This includes the outright fabrication of many conflicts. A perfect example is this whole terrorism confabulation.

What is being missed in this tempest in a teapot is the fact most nations are saturated with weapons. This is because the global arms industries concocted this calamity from the beginning. Even terrorists have more weapons than they know what to do with. The World War industry ignored this looming Doom's Day for far too long. The relentless pursuit of war profits created this mess. Arms companies stay afloat primarily from the instigation of global warfare. Inventories must be reduced in order for the World War industry to sell more weapons. Stockpiles are drawn down when nations wage war. However, global saturation with WMD weapons has reached a lethal level with potentially cataclysmic consequences. If any of this sounds like sheer lunacy, it is.

The World War industry and its lackey leaders aren't interested in war for democracy's sake. They want war because it's profitable. Since the end of the US/USSR nuclear standoff, there's no logical or moral reason for doubling our defense budget, except for amassing profits. What's the purpose of developing advanced weapons? Why do we need missile platforms in space? Who's the real or imagined enemy? Surely, ragtag al-Qaeda and the other terrorist cells don't rate this degree of buildup. So, what's the objective behind our $500 billion per year defense budget? Profits and more profits.

The world isn't a dangerous place because people are more dissatisfied or desperate today than in previous periods. The problem is these destitute people have been armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction. The UN's secretary general, Kofi Annan, always raises the point Africa has no weapons factories. Yet, the continent is full of guns, grenades, tanks, land mines, missiles and other death machines. Each and every one of these weapons was exported from a so-called "developed" nation and sold to a poor country with a greater need for bread and books. The answer to this evil proliferation isn't higher walls or expensive missile shields. The ultimate solution to this madness is global disarmament.

It's bizarre to witness Cro-Magnon killer cretin, George Bush, pummeling Saddam Hussein for failing to adhere to UN resolutions. The US ignores or vetoes UN resolutions almost every day. We must note the Bush White House doesn't even pretend the Iraq war will be just because it'll defy the UN charter which provides for war only after a nation has been directly attacked. With several hundred thousand troops stationed in more than eighty nations and with floating battle groups prowling the seven seas, it's difficult for many heads of state to believe America's intentions are purely defensive and/or altruistic. George Bush's irrational saber rattling only serves to reinforce global fear. His threat of preemptive nuclear attacks compels nations to seek nuclear arms for self-defense against a US invasion. Further, Bush's false terrorist alerts destroy US credibility and international commerce while forcing airlines and other firms to the brink of bankruptcy. So far, George Bush's only success in office has been the export of war and the threat of war.

The Cro-Magnon killer cretins in George Bush's War House have forced the entire world to high alert. George Bush has proven he's a divider of nations, not a uniter. Despite the savage attacks of 9/11, the US constitution makes no provision for preemptive attacks, unjust occupation or assassination. Jungle George Bush and his World War supporters have no legal or moral basis for their global domination plans. They should be impeached for suggesting such insanity. Millions around the world protested these plots not only because they stand against war. More to the point, they simply long for world peace.

George Bush and his killer cretin acolytes are hazardous to humanity's health because they support the evil plans of the World War industry. Saddam Hussein's paltry weapons aren't the problem. The World War industry's saturation of the planet with WMD weapons is. If we don't stop the flow of these vile instruments of death, the incidental attacks on those who bought them won't solve anything. The only answer, short of disbanding the World War industry, is to remove the profit potential. If these purveyors of death are as patriotic as they pretend to be, they shouldn''t mind selling their wares at cost. Take the profit from the World War industry and the frivolous battle plans will shrivel up, along with terrorism. The savings can be used to build global peace and prosperity. America must replace death and destruction businesses with life enhancing enterprises. The "vision thing" is really quite simple once you learn that peace is far cheaper by the pound than war will ever be.

Franklin L. Johnson