Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Why Are There
3,000 Dead American Soldiers?

What follows below are a few words to Cindy Sheehan about the tragic state of political affairs in America as we stumble into another year without any legal, moral or spiritual direction. It's all atrocity, all the time. How do we expect to survive as a free people under the fraudulent Bush regime? The answer is: We can't. It's well past time to begin a sincere revolution for peace, freedom and justice in our demoralized nation:

Dearest Cindy,

The real question is: Why is this number being met with so much silence in this country? Do we really want to go on as a nation or not? We can't say the jury is still out because the jury never showed up to condemn these woeful atrocities in the first place. All we seem to hear are the few lonely voices in the wilderness of our collective bewilderment. Voices from saintly folks such as yourself. Despite your efforts, the suffering goes on. The madness shows no end. The mass murder and mayhem increases with every blood-soaked day. Why does the alleged Christian majority in this land not rise up against this infamy? Are we really waiting for Armageddon? Bush Baby apparently loses no sleep over the madness. How did we come to such an ugly place? Here's a few reminders:

1) Grandaddy Prescott Bush did business with Hitler. It took the seizure of his bank to close down the deals between the Third Reich and the founder of the Bush crime family as we know it.

2) Ground was broken for the Pentagon exactly 60 years to the day of the 9/11 attacks. Coincidence? NO WAY!

3) The cold war began in the same year as the alleged Roswell UFO incident, 1947. Flying saucers were reported to be filling our skies. The media said we were being attacked by "aliens" who appeared everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Today's designated "aliens" are the Muslims. It looks like déjà vu all over again. Coincidence? HELL NO!

4) JFK was murdered because he refused to escalate the Viet Nam war. He reacted to the failed Bay of Pigs fiasco by firing the head of the CIA, Alan Dulles, and threatened to "smash the CIA into a thousand pieces." Clearly, JFK was on the wrong side of the issues. He sided with justice and the American people. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before he was cashiered permanently. Coincidence? HELL NO!

5) Nixon slithered into the White House over the cold, dead bodies of MLK and RFK. Coincidence? HELL NO!

6) Ford pardoned Dastardly Dick. He said there was no deal. If that were true, then why did he offer Dick Nixon the pardon option in the first place? Did he really think Nasty Nixon would refuse the offer? Coincidence? OF COURSE NOT!

7) The pardon set the stage for the crimes committed in high places from that moment forward. When Nasty Nixon was allowed to cut and run just as the sheriff entered the White House gates, it set the precedent a president might be above the law. After all, Tricky Dick did say: "When a president does it, that means that it's not illegal." High level criminals have been hiding behind this putrid precedent ever since. Coincidence? HELL NO!

8) Jimmy Carter got skunked for reelection due to a secret deal signed in Paris between Bush Daddy and the Ayatollahs, our alleged enemies. The Iran hostages, held for 444 days, were released at the same instant Rapid Ronnie was taking the oath of office. Coincidence? HELL NO!

9) Rapid Ronnie copped an Alzheimer's plea when he was caught with his keister bare in the Iran/contra mess. Reagan used his popularity and Nixon's precedent to escape impeachment. Coincidence? HELL NO!

10) When Bush Daddy lost his bid for reelection, he pardoned all the Iran/contra conspirators over the Christmas holiday, effectively shutting down judge Lawrence Walsh's investigation. As a result, Bush Daddy and his mobsters escaped imminent indictment. Coincidence? I SHOULD SAY NOT!

11) Monicagate was a political set-up. When have you ever heard of a bleeding heart liberal, like Monica Lewinsky, calling a flaming right-wing harpy, like Linda Tripp, her best friend? Answer: It's never happened in history! Both Monica and Bill were set up. The obvious question is: Why didn't Wild Bill smell this rancid rat a million miles away? I refused to vote for his reelection on this point alone. Were the six years of political attacks on Clinton a coincidence? NO WAY!

12) Clinton's presidency created a projected $5.6 trillion surplus. Rabid Red Republicans and the Pentagon were poised to do whatever was necessary to shove their robot, Bush Baby, into the White House. Competence had nothing to do with it. In fact, John McCain was the better choice in 2000, but he wasn't controllable, like Bush Baby. McCain would've won the 2000 election outright, without the Florida flimflam. The Republican spin machine made sure McCain didn't get the chance -- at least not in 2000. They're not so sure about him even for 2008. Is any of this coincidence? No. No. HELL NO!

13) Don't forget Reagan was shot within months of his inauguration in 1981. The only problem for the Bush mob was the Ol' Gipper survived! The Bush regime would've resumed its crazy crime spree in 1981, rather than eight years later. Coincidence? IMPOSSIBLE!

14) Bush Baby ended up with Darth Cheney for veep because the US oil cartel and the Pentagon chose him to be the brains in the Oval Office. The plan was set years before Dubya was shoved into the White House to start wars all over the Middle East. These conflicts would be used as cover for the stealing of the projected $5.6 trillion surplus. The 9/11 attacks, an absolute inside job, were the spark to set this infernal plan into action. The media always say Bush Daddy was against everything his son was doing. Have you ever heard of a parent allowing a child to engage in these kinds of crimes without, at least, lending tacit approval? OF COURSE NOT! The Bush mob has been in the business of profiteering while effecting evilry for decades. Prescott Bush would surely approve. Coincidence? NO WAY!

15) Bush Baby and his rubber stamp 109th congress passed several laws to seal the records of the Bush crime family indefinitely, even though federal documents are public records which ultimately belong to the people. No evidence, no crimes. Coincidence? WHAT DO YOU THINK!

16) Lastly, we've been fighting World War II for more than six decades. The fighting goes on because it's useful for robbing the US Treasury and keeping the Bush crime family in power. The Pentagon was built to transform war into a growth business. And, as long as we continue to permit it, there will be war and contrived rumors of war. Bush Baby wants to blow up more nations in the Middle East even when his batty blow-'em-up-build-'em-up policies have been proven to be disastrous beyond every extreme. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Cindy, war today is nothing but a business. The military industrial incarceration complex gets to set the annual extortion rates required to keep the World War industry clicking on all cylinders. Peace, freedom and justice never enter the equation. We have dead US soldiers and dead Arabs because we have dead leaders. Have you looked at Bush Baby's face lately? He looks like death because he sold his soul to the devil a long time ago. I just wonder what the wives of these evil men think as they lie next to them in bed? Perhaps, they don't think anything at all. Sadly, like our nation, they're probably under heavy sedation.

Happy New Year or as happy as you can make it during these trying times.

Franklin L. Johnson