Thursday, March 20, 2003

King George's War Is
Insanity Against Humanity

"What a rotten kettle of fish this is."

Sam Fischelberg, a small business man, used to say these words whenever he was stumped by a problem beyond his immediate ability to resolve. Those of us who believe George Bush is aiming humanity in the wrong direction are justified in echoing this statement of frustration. Yet, we must never falter in our steadfast determination to rid America, indeed the world, of the evil George Bush junta.

Here were are on the verge of unleashing an unjustified attack on a defenseless nation which had already been reduced to rubble a dozen years ago. Why is George Bush doing this? For all his ranting and raving about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction, this president hasn't presented a credible case to support his accusation.

Colin Powell, the lone voice of reason in this crazy cabal, sacrificed his credibility at the UN when he valiantly attempted to place a responsible face on the weak and ridiculous "evidence" he presented. While Mr. Powell should be given credit for his excellent delivery, he failed to persuade anyone to join the Bush junta's plan to destroy what's left of Iraq. In fact, Colin Powell shunted himself in position either to resign or play the "good soldier." Although the secretary of state fell in line behind George Bush like a good soldier, there's little doubt Mr. Powell is a troubled man. He should follow the path of many other courageous diplomats and respectfully resign on moral grounds.

How did America get to the point of declaring all-out war against a nation which hasn't threatened or attacked us? How can the president justify his daily lying about a Hussein/bin Laden link to the 9/11 attacks? How can our major media repeat these lies even though a connection has never been proven? How can George Bush threaten a humbled Iraq with nuclear weapons? Why do the American people rally around this stench which has been smeared on our hallowed flag?

Since George Bush seized the presidency under dubious circumstances, you'd think he would exercise power with some restraint and circumspection. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case. To a certain extent, we shouldn't be surprised. The military industrial incarceration complex had an agenda before shoving Mr. Bush into the White House. Like Colin Powell and the other members of this administration, his job was to follow orders and execute the script, no matter the outcome. When George Bush shows no sensitivity to the global revolt against his war policy, this is proof he isn't making decisions on behalf of Americans or humanity. He's simply doing the bidding of those who bought and paid for his presidency.

The circular argument we're going to war because Iraq hasn't fully come clean about suspected chem/bio weapons, as we refuse to disclose direct evidence of same, is preposterous. Not only do we want to hold a fifth rate nation to an inventory audit standard our own first rate forces couldn't pass, we insist it be done in an unachievable time frame. More important and a point rarely discussed in the media, America with allied help carpet bombed Iraq with 85,500 TONS(!) of weapons of mass destruction during the 1990 Iraq war. If we hit each and every military target several times as reported, many of Hussein's chem/bio arsenals were instantly incinerated. We know this occurred because we have thousands of veterans suffering from Gulf War syndrome as a result of breathing in the aerosolized agents. It's fair to say most of those poisons were destroyed during the bombing and the rest were rendered harmless during the original inspections. Drs. Blix and El Baradei confirmed as much before the UN security council on several occasions. So, what is George Bush's rationale for this illegal and immoral war?

A dangerous aspect of this impending war is its scope. Our president is planning the invasion and occupation of several nations. He says he needs no approval for these violent adventures -- not from the American people and certainly not from the UN. This war will be the gravest example of a crime against humanity because it hasn't been sufficiently justified and supported. In the 21st century, no leader should feel comfortable initiating hostilities without just cause. This includes the president of the United States.

Polls indicate the majority of Americans support Bush's war on Iraq. The polls also indicate most Americans believe a link exists between Hussein and al Qaeda. Our citizens are still ignorant of the fact Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. They support a new war based on false information and the grudging effort of the media to print the truth. This ignorance persists because many Americans get their information from the president's mouth. Since George Bush has made no attempt to set the record straight with his fuzzy factoids, the false impressions linger on.

The Bush junta's plan for global domination has no chance of succeeding. It's madness even to suggest such a concept. War and hegemony have no place in the Global Village in the Information Age. The United Nations will be the platform for global government. All it needs is an American presence devoid of hostility and hubris. George W. Bush and his band of brigands brought universal condemnation and shame upon our nation. A useless war on the Iraqi people will not change global opinion. It will only harden it.

The reason why George Bush can't back out of this sorry situation is because it was planned years ago. The facts will eventually prove the following:

* The plan for global domination was several decades in the making. It was crystallized at various conservative think tanks during the 1990s after the cold war ended.
* The World War industry banked heavily on George Bush winning the 2000 election in order to set this plan in motion. It required an outright subversion of the US constitution to assure a Bush victory in a bloodless coup d'etat.
* The key to the 9/11 attacks was the Bush/bin Laden/CIA nexus. The error of planned omission played a vital role.
* America's stranglehold on Iraqi and Saudi oil will make economic and military beggars out of most major nations.
* A second Iraq war was deemed necessary to solidify George Bush's power base and reelection leverage.
* Feudalism from the 12th century was offered as the answer to 21st century futurist problems.
* One form of religious extremism was showcased as being better than another form of religious extremism.
* War, fear, repression and other forms of violence are the currency of the Bush junta.
* George W. Bush and the World War industry are the greatest threats to global peace and prosperity.

The very fact a second Iraq war was part of a plan means the resulting deaths can only be considered cold-blooded, premeditated murder. In other words, the president and his vicious minions would be war criminals, subject to prosecution at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. Further, the very fact so many retired senior officers are skeptical about the just nature of this conflict should raise a red flag. This whole situation has devolved into a lose-lose situation for America. If Bush backs down, he'll have to eat a daily bowl of wimp crow for the remainder of his presidency. This failure won't get him reelected. At the very least, he'll face impeachment. However, if he goes through with this insane war, a worse outcome is possible. All hell will break loose. Massive demonstrations will escalate; international trade will grind to a halt; terrorism will explode and World War III, based on religious extremism (crusaders against holy warriors), will emerge. With so much to lose, why is George Bush willing to risk Armageddon to satisfy the appetites of his military industrial incarceration complex supporters? Sadly, this little man has no answer.

The greatest danger is America may descend into a second Civil War, even a bloody coup d'etat. There's already a rift in our military between the arm chair warriors and the soldiers who do our fighting. The real soldiers know what's at stake and don't want to be sent into action ill-prepared with fuzzy instructions. The real soldiers want to fight moral and just war. They know there's no honor in fighting for irrational causes. The arm chair warriors aren't driven by historic expediency. They're motivated almost exclusively by profit potential. The tension between the tech warriors and the combat soldiers mustn't be underestimated. If the real soldiers believe the tech warriors are placing the credibility of the entire US defense at risk, there's no reason to believe they'll permit the situation to deteriorate indefinitely. They will respond and a bloody coup d'etat isn't out of the question. American streets will run red with blood as protesters are attacked by violent Bush supporters. Police will be overwhelmed by the street battles and terrorism. And the rising tide of anarchy in America would spell the beginning of the end for our great nation. The American people cannot and must not allow this to happen.

It's so pathetic to watch George Bush, who has trouble with the English language, denouncing the UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, as being "irrelevant." Mr. Annan, the leader of the UN and therefore of humanity, with his exquisite grace and eloquence under pressure, stands light years above George W. Bush. No one wants to raise the subject this war is about issues other than oil, profits and religion. We must also realize it's about race and the political exploitation of hatred.

The ugly image of Caucasian domination over Arab peoples is very much at issue. No one seems to notice the nation (England) which carved up the various Arab peoples to form Iraq is now the sole major ally of the nation (America) which wants to keep these peoples in an unnatural Iraqi straitjacket. If it was deemed proper for Yugoslavia to separate into sustainable nation states, why are the Arab peoples not permitted to do the same? The Kurds and Shiites prefer their own nations. Why don't we clean up the mess we created and help them secure their natural homelands? We shouldn't be in the business of forcing democracy or any other form of government on the Arabs. They already know how to vote and do so more often than we do in the West. We should sincerely offer a helping hand and then get out of the way.

The Bush junta has already committed unconscionable crimes against humanity. Threatening a non-nuclear nation with nuclear weapons shouldn't go unpunished. George Bush should be held accountable for this insane deed. When people support a war on Iraq, they never imagine what they're actually supporting. George Bush has authorized a "shock and awe" carpet bombing campaign on Baghdad, a modern city the size of Chicago. The death toll will be in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions. New bombs will be tested including a 21,000 pound bunker buster with a built-in mushroom cloud. Is this what America has become, a mass murderer of defenseless Arab families? Why do we want to do these heinous acts? The very fact the Bush junta and various Western oil corporations have already divvied up Iraq's natural resources before the first shot has been fired is evidence this war is unjust and immoral. The oil belongs to the Arabs. It isn't their fault it was found under their homes. We should simply pay them a reasonable price for this resource and get on with devising a replacement for fossil fuels. Meanwhile, we shouldn't be contriving convoluted excuses to seize their natural resources.

Nothing good can come from this war on Iraq. It won't be a war in the first place. It'll only end with the mass murder of countless innocent Iraqi citizens. Trauma is already strangling America in the form of massive layoffs, constant terrorist alerts, repressive regulation, rampaging deficits and crumbling confidence. A quick or "clean" war won't wash away the guilt. The Pentagon and our media can sanitize this slaughter all they want. Mass murder is a crime humanity is intent on punishing in the 21st century. The Bush junta will be held to account and the American public should support legal action against our illegal leaders.

At the first atomic explosion near Alamogordo, New Mexico, physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer cited a line from the Hindu Bhagavad Gita: "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." A better description of George W. Bush can't be found. If humanity is to have a future of peace and prosperity, the murderous Bush junta must be removed. But first, we must stop this evil plan for world domination based on war, racism and religious extremism. George Bush says he prays three times a day. We should wonder if he ever notices the god he prays to is horny and rather fond of the color red.

Franklin L. Johnson