Thursday, July 28, 2005

Is George W. Bush
A War Criminal? Yes!

It's long past time for someone to step up and say what needs to be said.

The warmongers, warlocks, witches, weasels, wimps and assorted wastrels running this country are a bunch of criminals. You don't believe me? Let us count the ways:

It is CRIMINAL to start a war under false pretenses, wantonly sacrificing the lives of our soldiers and innocent civilians.

It is CRIMINAL to finance this evil war with the hard-earned money of US taxpayers.

It is CRIMINAL to fund huge tax cuts for the wealthy during the prosecution of this evil war. At the very least, the Croesus Class should be required to bear most of the cost of Bush's evil scheme.

It is CRIMINAL to promote the perpetrators of this evil war or give them Medals of Freedom.

It is CRIMINAL to wage this evil war against a defenseless nation which has neither attacked nor threatened us in any way.

It is CRIMINAL to conduct a relentless propaganda campaign to keep the American people ignorant of the false origins and the brutal consequences of this evil war.

It is CRIMINAL to avoid the presidential duty to honor our dead and injured soldiers.

It is CRIMINAL to slash vital programs for the needy to engorge the bloated bank accounts of the greedy.

It is CRIMINAL to expose an active CIA agent to exact revenge. This ruse was doubly repulsive because Valerie Plame was gathering intelligence to help prevent nuclear war.

It is CRIMINAL to contrive a price gouging scam to explode energy prices, then blame it on Chinese and Indian growth. These Asian economies have the highest growth rates in the world and it's been so for 15 years. What's changed over the last few years to account for the spike in energy costs? Bush's evil war.

It is CRIMINAL to ignore the mountain of global warming evidence to please corrupt corporate donors.

It is CRIMINAL to wage a crusade against a billion Muslims while calling this evil war an effort to spread peace and democracy. The Arabs will discover democracy at their own pace. We have no right to impose any sort of political order on them.

It is CRIMINAL to manipulate the genuine religious fervor of American Christians to sustain support for this evil war.

It is CRIMINAL to destroy the natural optimism of the American people and replace it with fear, hatred and violence.

It is CRIMINAL to continue this evil war with the excuse we'll clean up the mess we created. If it was wrong to go into Iraq, it's wrong to stay there. Our illegal and immoral occupation of Arab land is the clear cause of mounting hostilities. The Arabs are fully capable of reconstructing their own nations. All we need to do is get out of their way.

It is CRIMINAL to accuse others of terrorism while our forces use horrific torture methods; mass murder innocent civilians; engage in extrajudicial executions and destroy entire nations in order to save them. The ultimate crime against humanity is hypocrisy.

There's so much human suffering due to natural causes, it's simply insane to divert essential resources to support Bush's evil war. Impeachment was designed to address the criminal acts of our most powerful leaders. George Bush has cruelly morphed our beacon of democracy into an Evil Empire. He stands accused of incomprehensible crimes against humanity and our constitution. With each passing day, our credibility slowly bleeds away. George Bush and his evil war are the greatest threats to our national survival since the Civil war. It's time to end the denial of the obvious. America's political blood supply isn't unlimited. And what remains of it is quickly running out. Martin Luther King was distressed to realize his own country was the greatest purveyor of violence in the world. The annals of history and Bush's crimes against humanity have affirmed Dr. King's sad observation.

The evidence is in. Decide for yourself.

Franklin L. Johnson