Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Is This The End
For Bush's Neocon Necromancers?

In response to a question about JFK's assassination, Malcolm X famously quipped it was a case of "...chickens coming home to roost." The chickens he was referring to were the geopolitical hot spots in Viet Nam, Cuba, our own Southern states and elsewhere. He simply saw JFK's murder as the retribution to be expected from failed domestic and foreign policy decisions based on violence. When Newt Gingrich discovered the plot by hard-line conservatives in his own party to wrest the Speaker's gavel from him, he savagely blurted out: "Cannibals!"

Americans like to believe our nation is exceptional. We like to think our constitution somehow insulates us from the same political poisons which destroyed other nations throughout history. Yet, a basic examination of the facts indicate there's no evidence to support such an idealistic opinion. When billion dollar decisions effecting millions of people are made, some power players will do anything to gain control of the decision-making process. They'll resort to whatever it takes, including lying, thievery, even murder, to eliminate those with opposing views. This is how the JFK murder led to Watergate, Iran/Contra, Whitewater and now Rovegate. The titanic struggle to fashion our nation's fate has reached critical mass. It appears our direction won't be decided by the president, congress, or the Supreme Court. America's destiny may be in the hands of a tough special prosecutor named Patrick J. Fitzgerald. Perhaps, he's the knight in shining armor we need to save Lady Liberty from George Bush's neocon necromancers.

George Bush's chickens are swiftly coming home to roost. He lied us into war using forged documents. There's a strong sense Fitzgerald followed the evidence from the Valerie Plame leak to the forged documents and maybe all the way to the White House. If this is so, the indictments and ensuing trial will be more explosive than Watergate. This is a claim of high treason involving the highest offices in our land. When all the dots are connected, the case against Bush and his phony war will probably allege the following:

In order to expand his war on terrorism to include an invasion of Iraq, George Bush used forged documents which stated Saddam Hussein was seeking to buy uranium yellowcake from Niger. During his 2003 State of the Union Address, Bush said: "The British government learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought [bought?] significant quantities of uranium from Africa." The very fact our president was willing to start a war using British instead of American intelligence was a key the truth was being twisted. Bush's statement on its face made no sense. It suggested he believed British intelligence was more reliable than our own.

The fake papers appeared after a December 2001 meeting in Rome. The principles included Michael Ledeen, Larry Franklin, Harold Rhodes, Niccolo Pollari (Italy's intelligence agency SISMI chief) and Antonio Martino (Italy's defense minister). Michael Ledeen, a passionate neocon, helped forge the Iran/Contra fiasco. He has long-term ties to Italian intelligence and is a close friend of Karl Rove. Ledeen may be the source for the forged documents. His association with Reagan, Rove and several, rabid neocons may implicate others in the White House.

Shortly after the Rome meeting, the Niger embassy in Rome was burglarized. Nothing was stolen except letterhead and official seals. These materials were used to forge the documents which were smuggled to Elisabetta Burba, a writer for the Italian glossy Panorama. This magazine is owned by Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's prime minister and strong supporter of Bush and the Iraq war. Ms. Burba was contacted by an alleged "security consultant" named Rocco Martoni, offering to sell the documents for $10,000. Rather than pay the money, her editor Xeroxed the papers and sent them to the US embassy. Larry Franklin was arrested recently for passing classified US information to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Harold Rhode worked for the Office for Special Plans. OSP was established in the Defense department by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld to cherry pick intelligence information to support the invasion of Iraq. As a result, Cheney and Rumsfeld received only the reports they expected. Also, Rhode was the contact between Judy Miller and Ahmed Chalabi, the convicted embezzler whose lies and fabrications were used to stoke the rush to war. The evidence of conspiracy is overwhelming.

Many of the senior officers at the CIA resented being used as an excuse, then a scapegoat, for the Iraq war. They were painfully aware the White House "fixed" the intelligence they produced to fit Bush's war policy. Those who protested were forced to resign. However, this crackdown on dissent didn't end the rebellion. Despite objections from the Bush White House, the CIA got the vice president's office to certify ambassador Joseph Wilson's trip to Niger. He was picked because of his distinguished service to the region. More important, he was considered a straight-shooter who would discover those responsible for the forged Niger documents. Valerie Plame was probably emboldened by her disgruntled CIA colleagues to get her husband involved.

Ambassador Wilson's trip to Niger clearly wasn't about authenticating the Niger papers. These documents were already known by the CIA and the State department to be forgeries. It seems he was sent to discover their source and who was responsible. Further, it appears BushRove outed Valerie Plame because she was the contact between the CIA officers secretly fighting the White House and her husband, ambassador Wilson. In short, the outing was a bald attempt to abort a deeper investigation into the forgeries which were the basis for Bush's illegal and immoral war.

The Iraq invasion and occupation had little to do with the war on terror. The evidence suggests it was only the first step in a ceaseless war OF terror for global dominion. The World War industry and neocon necromancers bragged about their plans for "full spectrum dominance," the complete control of the land, sea and space. Support for this nefarious nightmare was based on the war OF terror. The war OF terror was based on a pack of lies. The Bush mob's job was to keep the American people ignorant of these facts because the truth would send the entire house of cards crashing down.

Patrick Fitzgerald said he won't issue a report which is a signal he's considering indictments. He may simply let the investigation expire on Friday, October 28, without requesting an extension. This isn't likely. However, there's another possibility. For several weeks now, there've been rumors the vice president is considering resignation. Karl Rove and Scooter Libby said they would resign if indicted. Sadly, a deal with the White House could be under consideration. Fitzgerald and Bush could agree to end the investigation pending the resignations of several top Bushmen, including the aforementioned. The Bush mob's crimes are so egregious they may be considered a threat to national security and the viability of our government. Some kind of deal might be struck to save the nation from the trial and humiliation. We must flatly reject any form of compromise offered as an easy way out.

Richard Nixon was allowed to have his cake and eat it, too. He stonewalled the nation for more than two years. When the Watergate committee passed articles of impeachment, Nixon was permitted to choose his successor and resign. Later, Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon for crimes he was never convicted of. An awkward precedent was set when justice was prevented from taking its full course. It insinuated a president may be above the law. Since then, presidents have flexed their executive prerogatives while amassing greater concentrations of power.

Now, we have the Bush mob running rampant. It's in the best interests of our nation to bring this entire cabal to justice like any other group of evil criminals. Of course, the effort will be daunting. But if we truly believe in democracy, the constitution and the rule of law, we must reestablish the fact that no one, including the president, is above the law. We must demonstrate to the rest of humanity we're serious about joining them in the process of building a Global Village based on peace, freedom and justice. They'll rejoice in our decision to follow the long arc which bends toward justice. And we'll have reason to rejoice once we bury the Bush mob and his neocon necromancers.

Franklin L. Johnson


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