Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Flip-Flop Flappery:
Rump Roast A La Rove

Major media in this crazy nation have the nasty habit of naming a crime after its victim. Valerie Plame isn't the person suspected of outing a CIA agent. Karl Rove is. The proper title for this scandal is Rovegate, not Plamegate. Further, the media are more obsessed with what their colleagues knew rather than what George Bush knew about the alleged outing. It's time to ask this impostor president: What did you know; when did you know it and why are you trying so hard to forget it?

If George Bush was serious about finding the White House leaker, all he had to do was ask. Either he's in charge of wielding the awesome power of the presidency or he isn't. A simple staff memo requesting the leaker's resignation letter and desk emptied by sundown would've been sufficient. The very fact he's made no effective effort to uncover the criminal in two years is evidence of complicity.

In February 2002, Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV was sent to Niger to discover whether there was any truth to the allegation Saddam Hussein was trying to buy uranium yellowcake from Niger. Wilson was the former ambassador to Gabon and he knew the Niger leaders personally. His mission was strange because the documents he was sent to authenticate were already declared forgeries by the CIA and the State department. His investigation confirmed the documents were fakes, although he never saw the original copies. On his return, he made verbal reports to the CIA, the State department and the office of the vice president.

Despite comprehensive evidence the uranium story was untrue, both Tony Blair and George Bush continued to claim the documents were grounds for war against Iraq. Most outrageous, Bush used these fateful 16 words in his 2003 State of the Union Address: "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." To this day, no one in the media has asked: What was the president doing using British, not CIA, intelligence to justify our going to war? Ambassador Wilson simply tried to set the record straight with his blockbuster Op-ed article, on July 6, 2003, in the Sunday New York Times. Then, all hell broke loose.

A week later, Robert Novak wrote the infamous syndicated article which outed Wilson's wife, an undercover CIA agent. Novak said he was only trying to confirm Plame's CIA position with Karl Rove and another unnamed White House official. This story made no sense because it raises several important questions: What was Novak doing with Plame's name in the first place? What was he going to do with it? Why didn't he go to the CIA for confirmation instead of the White House? He must've known administration officials we under legal constraints regarding the outing of CIA agents.

The list of undercover agents is one of the most closely guarded secrets in Washington. Only the president, vice president, secretaries of state and defense, the CIA director and the national security advisor have direct access to it. Since Karl Rove didn't have clearance to discover Plame's CIA position, he needed help from one of these security council members. This brings us to the identity of the first person Novak spoke to in the White House about Plame. He still refuses to divulge this person's name, claiming the press privilege of confidentiality. We don't need Novak's word to discover the name of this phantom official because it couldn't be anyone other than George W. Bush himself.

In retaliation for Wilson's NYT article, BushRove unleashed a rageful, smashmouth attack on the ambassador's wife. It was designed to instill terror into anyone who would question their excuses for starting a war for no legitimate reason. During an appearance on Chris Matthews' Hardball show, Karl Rove coldly snarled: "She's fair game." This ugly, evil comment is contemptible beyond words. However, in their haste to cripple Wilson and his wife, BushRove made waste and left a lot of clues.

It appears the game plan was to out Valerie Plame using a trusted columnist to do the dirty work. Novak was the ideal syndicated snake. Rove had used Novak for a similar leak back in 1992. Further, Novak is probably shielded by some form of national security immunity. It has been known for decades certain columnists are used by the CIA and other federal agencies to plant stories in the media. This is the only plausible explanation why Novak, who outed Plame, is free and Judith Miller is in jail for refusing to reveal her sources for a story she never wrote. BushRove believed all their bases were covered. The leak would destroy the Wilsons while Novak's immunity would shield them from discovery. But, they didn't factor in two things: Joe Wilson fighting back and a meticulously persistent special counsel, Patrick J. Fitzgerald.

BushRove won the 2004 election in large part by painting senator John Kerry as a flip-flopper. Ironically, this position has come back to haunt them. Their reasons for tax cuts, the Iraq war, gutting Social Security and outing Valerie Plame have changed more often than Liz Taylor dumped husbands. BushRove are like the British cops who faked a story after shooting dead a Brazilian man for no good reason. A cursory investigation exposed their lies. The same thing is happening to BushRove. They've tried every trick in the book to blur the facts and divert attention. Yet, we're left with only one issue: Will justice be served and will Rovegate become the catalyst for stopping and shuttering the Bush hypercriminal juggernaut?

Deputy attorney general James Covey was overseeing special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's leak investigation. Mysteriously, he's leaving the Justice department for a post as general counsel at Lockheed Martin, a giant defense contractor. Associate AG Robert McCallum is rumored for the deputy's post. He just happens to be an old friend and Skull And Bones classmate of George W. Bush. As a result of these shenanigans, it appears the justice window of opportunity may swiftly close. America is crumbling before our eyes and no one seems to care, save Cindy Sheehan.

There's a perfectly good reason why George Bush calls Karl Rove affectionately Turd Blossom. You don't want to stand downwind from this Orwellian ogre. Phheeew! Meanwhile, has anybody noticed the eagle on Bush's presidential seal is looking more like a turkey vulture?

Franklin L. Johnson


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