Saturday, March 01, 2003

George Bush + US MegaDeath Machine = Ugly Americanism

George Bush and his vulture culture minions are big time gamblers who believe they have it all figured out. They anted up their chips behind the prospect of a winning hand with a really big payoff. We should've expected this sort of behavior from a bloodthirsty bunch out of a state overloaded with wildcatters and used car salesmen. These folks are the type who get misty eyed during the musical: "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas." Should we fear this horde of "honest" Abes might "steer" the nation in the wrong direction? You betcha.

This Texas Mafia began planning for an oily coup d'etat the moment Bill Clinton was elected in 1992. Clinton's victory threw a large wrench into their plans for global domination. After Ronald Reagan purportedly "won" the cold war and George Bush, Sr., destroyed Iraq, the future of the World War industry seemed secure. Vassal states were no longer needed to do the dirty work of endless war, all the time. Since a strong counterweight to our military might no longer existed (if there ever was one), the World War industry felt the coast was clear for a global takeover.

Clinton demonstrated his distrust of the World War industry with lackluster bombings of Iraq instead of endorsing an all out war. Clinton's excellent management skills helped to improve the economy steadily. Domestic policy needed an extensive rehab after a dozen years of Reagan/Bush voodoonomics. This effort repelled Newt Gingrich's Contract On America in 1994 and Bob Dole's rickety campaign in 1996.

The military industrial incarceration complex raged at Clinton's trickle down increases in the war machine budget. It became clear a right wing replacement was needed who was more amenable to handing over 6% of the gross national product to the World War industry every year. Since JFK, it's important to note the Democratic party has been reduced to a custodial position in national politics. Jimmy Carter was tapped to clean up after Nixon's nastiness and Bill Clinton was tasked to reverse the madness of Voodoo One.

George W. Bush was selected and bankrolled by the World War industry well in advance of the 2000 presidential race. He had the requisite credentials of blue blood, patrician education, name recognition, malleable personality and scant political experience. Since the Republican nomination was a fait accompli, John McCain, the more qualified candidate with better voter appeal, was shoved aside. Again, it's interesting to note the Republican power brokers gambled on a risky George Bush instead of an easily electable John McCain. If senator McCain had been the nominee, the Florida Fiasco might've remained dormant as a deciding factor. It was as if the Republicans knew the election rested on Jeb Bush's secret suppression of Florida voter turnout. Further, it appears the Republican party and its World War industry donors prefer a predictable candidate to one who might exercise some degree of rational independence.

America's major media failed to highlight George Bush's woeful record as Texas governor. They mainlined Republican ad dollars as they projected the image of George Bush as someone you'd like to have a beer with even though he stopped drinking alcohol long ago. Bush had a sweetheart deal with the press while Al Gore had to waste resources dispelling an unfair characterization of his demeanor as wooden. Bush hid his shady donor list from public scrutiny after opting out of the federal matching funds program. Al Gore had to fend off daily rants about a few Chinese donations. The media weren't impartial observers of the 2000 presidential campaign. Their disparate treatment of the two candidates is evidence our election cycles should be publicly funded.

The Republican party and the World War industry gambled by financially front-loading George Bush's campaign. There was to be no question who got the nomination. Republican voters had little say in this preemptive political decision. And the media went along for the ride and the lucrative ad cash. The presidential debates were hyped as a battle between George Bush's mental mulch and Al Gore's factual mastery. Major media declared Bush's mental mulch the winner. It's clear money molds public opinion by leveraging major media. As Ronald Reagan once hotly quipped: "I paid for this microphone!" He knew whereof he spoke.

George Bush was shoved into the White House over thousands of uncounted Florida ballots. Americans voted 550,000 more times for Al Gore than George Bush. A federal investigation uncovered numerous instances of voter suppression in Florida. The Supreme Court protected George Bush's interests over the constitutional rights of our voters. And a violent mob, led by well known Republican staffers, actually stopped a federally mandated recount in Miami/Dade County. In spite of these facts, George Bush had the bald impudence to place his hand on the Bible and swear to protect and defend the US constitution. George Bush shouldn't be in the White House because he and his henchmen should be in the jail house.

This ongoing constitutional crisis was compounded by the tragic events of 9/11/2001. Americans have been led to believe the terrorist attacks somehow legitimized George Bush's presidency. We must repeat over and over again: THE SAVAGE ATTACKS OF 9/11 DID NOT LEGITIMATE GEORGE BUSH'S ILLEGAL OCCUPATION OF THE WHITE HOUSE IN ANY WAY. HE'S STILL AN IMPOSTOR PRESIDENT. AND HE'LL REMAIN SO UNTIL HE'S EITHER IMPEACHED OR DEFEATED AT THE BALLOT BOX. In fact, there's a growing mountain of evidence this interloper should be impeached for permitting the 9/11 attacks to happen in the first place. What does it take for Americans to realize George W. Bush and his entire family are felons of the first order?

George Bush's outrageous acts as president boggle the mind. His administration has illegally "unsigned" our nation from many important global agreements. How can we be trusted when the president single-handedly withdraws US authority with little regard for the long term consequences of such ambivalence? Our credibility has been reduced in the halls of power around the world except, of course, in the realm of waging endless war, all the time.

George W. Bush has used the 9/11 tragedy to roil international tensions and destroy the hallowed Bill of Rights. This impostor president has no cause even to suggest preemptive strikes or regime changes when our constitution makes no provision for these actions. They are simply illegal. In the case of Iraq, they would be immoral, as well. Time and time again, this president has proven himself unfit for the office he holds. Now, there are rumors of a Patriot Act II which will permit the stripping of citizenship from anyone remotely associated with an alleged "enemy combatant" or terrorist cell whether the person is aware of this fact or not. We must challenge this daily criminalization of our very lives.

America's crisis didn't begin on 9/11. It started when George W. Bush accepted the presidency from the Felonious Five Supreme Court justices. They should be disbarred for this unconstitutional atrocity. George Bush appears prepared to defy humanity's will by invading and destroying Iraq. He's gambling his piddling credibility on exercising US military might. If our choice is between accepting Iraq's immolation or deposing this insane president, Americans must choose the latter. Unquestioned obedience to George Bush's fascistic policies is not an option.

George Bush is absolutely right. The time is over for talking. Everyone must either put up or shut up. If we still believe in the inherent goodness of our citizens, we must call George Bush's bluff. He's gambling we don't have the strength of our convictions. If he's right, humanity will continue to suffer for generations. However, if we believe in the constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Global Village, we must stop Bush's vicious adventurism right here, right now. If George Bush invades Iraq to do evil in our name, we must invade Washington, DC; remove this impostor president and indict him for his crimes against humanity. This is not an arbitrary choice. This is a legitimate constitutional duty.

Those, who had the exquisite pleasure of attending the peace marches over Presidents' weekend, bore witness to the birth of a genuine global peace movement. The solemn sense of faith, hope, love and trust was absolutely overwhelming. Never before have so many people gathered to express their belief in peace and justice. Their faces were on fire with intense inspiration. Although the remote speakers didn't work, it didn't matter. The thunderous, rolling cheers sent chills up your spine again and again and again. There was only one overriding realization: We, the people, had finally found our voices. And it was all so awesomely beautiful and very, very sacred.

The media screeched this was just a bunch of frustrated pot heads. Nothing could be further from the truth. A mature movement for peace and justice was born last weekend. This glorious genie is out of the bottle. And it will never be put back. George Bush can huff and puff all he wants. The war on Iraq is history and so is he. This time it really looks like we'll give peace a chance.

A Sydney, Australia, marcher had the best sign: "Somewhere in Texas a village is missing it's idiot!"

Franklin L. Johnson