Thursday, February 06, 2003

Why Al Gore
Will Be Elected President In 2004

There are many reasons why Al Gore should run and win the presidency in 2004.

It simply boggles the mind how our vaunted media make every effort to discourage this man from running. They say he has too much baggage (mostly Bill Clinton). They say he's too wooden and wonky. Yet, when he attempts to trim his image, they say he can't make up his mind.

The media bash him for writing books. The media bash him for being too articulate. They even bash him for kissing his own wife (not girl friend or hooker) in public. Are these problems of Al Gore's own making or are the media intent on destroying the real remedy for the disease in the White House?

The media are jubilant Al Gore's gone. They say we can now give potential challengers a chance to define themselves, unencumbered by his presence. Let's take a look at some of these so-called entrants in the Democratic presidential sweepstakes.

Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) is a tall, handsome, thoughtful man who would make a good president. He has some name recognition and comes from a state where he can get the funds to run. He won't make it because he'll be smeared by the right as being too liberal, whatever that means. His record is Kennedy-esque. Apparently, in 21st century America, this fact alone disqualifies you. Boy, we've come a long way down.

Senator Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) is a political aardvark. His drone approach to speaking will not excite the democratic base. It'll also put the rest of the country to sleep. With so many problems facing our nation, the last thing we need is a Rip Van Winkle president. While senator Lieberman possesses good name recognition and probably can muster more campaign funds than any other Democrat, his appeal would be limited to the East and West coasts. The rest of the nation won't vote for him.

Senator Tom Dashle (D-S.D.) is a smart, sincere politician. He's very sensitive to foreign policy issues since he comes from a state bristling with nuclear missiles. He has very good name recognition, but the odds are he won't draw the funds necessary to run for the presidency. His political approach is too timid and cautious. Also, he let George Bush shove through congress a crazy tax cut and other ill-conceived legislation over his warm body. The nation would be much better off with a candidate with at least a coat rack for a backbone.

Rep. Dick Gephardt (D-MO.) is the congressional version of Tom Dashle. He's cautious to a fault and would be quickly slapped with the liberal logo. He has good name recognition. However, this Midwesterner would have a tough time getting enough funds to run. His base is too narrow, appealing mostly to union interests. He's a good man with not enough lead in his political trousers.

Other hopefuls, such as Vermont's Gov. Howard Dean, Connecticut's Sen. Chris Dodd, Delaware's Sen. Joe Biden and New York's Al Sharpton, are remote choices. North Carolina's Sen. John Edwards has to do more than comb his hair like John Kennedy for any serious consideration.

Now, it's apparent none of these men has what it takes to become a credible alternative to George W. Bush. This isn't to say the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee won't come from this group. However, any honest appraisal of the potential candidates would conclude only one person stands, head and shoulders, above the rest. And his name is Albert Gore, Jr.

There's an overwhelming reason why Al Gore should run for president in 2004. He owes it to the constitution and the people of the United States. George W. Bush never won the 2000 election. He was unconstitutionally selected by the Felonious Five Supreme Court justices who decided to protect our rancid election process rather than our democratic ideals. George Bush has never been, nor will he ever be, our president. He's a pretender, an interloper, an impostor. He's done nothing to improve the lives of our citizens. And he spends his time contriving reasons to begin World War III.

Al Gore knows the importance of the 2004 election. It's clear George W. Bush shouldn't be permitted to seal his rise to power by stealing a second term. The president has the financial support to bankrupt any Democrat challenger, except perhaps Al Gore. Mr. Bush will attempt to solidify his coup d'etat which was heavily financed by the military industrial incarceration complex. The only one who can save us from this savage injustice is Al Gore.

The American voters desperately need an opportunity to reconfirm their belief in our democratic process. The 2004 election must be a referendum for constitutional justice. The impostor imperial presidency of George W. Bush must be challenged by the man who actually won the right to serve the American people. Again, that person is Al Gore.

For some strange reason, our manic media can't seem to find one good thing to say about Al Gore. When his profile is examined, you discover a man of great warmth, intelligence, sincerity and integrity. Mr. Gore has led an exemplary life, making the tough decisions to serve his country. An excellent family man, Al Gore has proven himself with his actions and deeds. Conversely, George W. Bush rose to power on the wings and wampum of others.

Al Gore has worked hard his entire life to become worthy of the highest office in our land. No one can doubt his extensive qualifications. George Bush has no qualifications for the office he holds other than supporting the death penalty, both in America and for Iraq.

Al Gore would win the presidency in 2004 because the American people would elect him (a second time) if given the chance. The Democratic party should encourage his candidacy for the sake of our nation. Al Gore must reconsider his decision against running in 2004. When our citizens continue to cry out for justice and constantly call his name, he'll surely and humbly respond.

Franklin L. Johnson


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