Friday, February 07, 2003

George Bush's War Would Be
A Crime Against Humanity

Let's take a closer look at George Bush's Iraq War plans through a historical prism:

* The US aided and abetted the Iran/Iraq war by selling guns to both sides (more than a million were murdered).
* In 1990, Bush's father (then president and former CIA director) lured Saddam Hussein into raiding Kuwait.
* Bush, Sr., used this pretext to destroy most of the monstrous murder machine Saddam bought from us.
* CIA manuals, used by Afghan/Arab terrorists, were compiled at a University of Nebraska program funded by USAID.
* Bush, Jr., planned for a second Iraq War before he was selected president.
* Bush, Jr., the CIA and the FBI knew of an imminent assault on the US before 9/11. But, did nothing to stop it.
* The anthrax envelope attacks were a "black bag" attempt to link Hussein to the 9/11 bombings.
* Bush, Jr., has delayed and/or obstructed every legitimate 9/11 investigation.
* Bush, Jr., has closed off access to information regarding his preparation for war on Iraq.
* Bush, Jr., has ignored the massive peace demonstrations in America and around the world.
* The Bushes, the bin Laden family and the CIA had close relations, even to this day.
* Fifteen of the 19 Arab terrorists were Saudis, not Afghans. So, why did Bush bomb Afghanistan?
* Osama bin Laden and 9/11 were used in a "bait-and-switch" ploy to spark Bush's Iraq War sequel.
* Occupying Iraq and most of the Middle East is a rationale for our bloated $500 billion defense budget.
* Iraq has been destroyed already. A second war would only annihilate the Iraqi people, not Hussein.

Based on the above information, Bush's Iraq War would clearly be a crime against humanity. It couldn't be classified otherwise. There's no doubt Iraq is defenseless. After a dozen years of bombings, inspections and a crushing embargo, the facts speak for themselves. George W. Bush has yet to justify another round of death and destruction in Iraq.

The very planning for another Iraq War should be considered a crime against humanity. Bush's incessant saber rattling in the global media is nothing more than psychological warfare and mass torture of the Iraqi people. If George Bush were the president of any other country, he'd be dragged promptly before the World Court as a craven criminal and purveyor of crimes against humanity. In fact, the evidence suggests his father should be indicted for these heinous offenses, as well.

George W. Bush has no case for another war on Iraq. However, the consequences for such adventurism are simply catastrophic. The possibility of unleashing an unstoppable nuclear cataclysm should freeze the happy trigger finger of any reasonable leader. Mr. Bush doesn't appear rattled by this Armageddon scenario. On the contrary, it seems the more people protest his irrational war plans, the more he pushes for their execution.

A second Iraq War would be a crime against humanity. If Mr. Bush succeeds in his mad quest, he would expose himself to indictment as a war criminal. Already undergoing universal condemnation, America might suffer expulsion from many international trade and finance agreements. Even if the conflict didn't ignite World War III, the prospect of global chaos would certainly light the fuse.

No one would benefit from another Iraq War. Many nations disdain America for attempting a Middle Eastern oil coup at everyone else's expense. The hypocrisy of our sinister democratic agenda for the Arab people is so obvious it would be laughable if circumstances weren't so serious.

Recent reports revealed George Bush approved the preemptive use of nuclear weapons in the Middle East and future military strikes. This is an insanely immoral policy on its face. Even if Mr. Bush received global support to use atomic weapons on Iraq, killing millions of innocent civilians, who would buy all the irradiated oil? In this case, the war would come home in a most unexpected way.

Somehow, many Americans and George W. Bush are comfortable with the use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons on the poor people in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Despite the "depleted" moniker, this materiel has a half-life measured in the millions of years. When DU weapons are used to contaminate whole nations for millennia, these are, indeed, crimes against humanity. The leaders of America and England should be hauled before the World Court for these evil deeds.

The Bushes and their corrupt supporters had it all figured out: they would assume power by manipulating and stimulating global conflict. As a result, they'd be able to financially fortify the World War Industry and their campaign contributors. The constant raiding of the US treasury to bankroll endless war, all the time, is the ultimate crime against humanity and both Bushes should be indicted for this conspiracy.

George W. Bush and his Mafia administration are the worst racketeers to gain power in American history. The atrocities enumerated in this writing are sufficient grounds to indict George Bush and his father for crimes against humanity. If the president plunges our nation into war, the electorate should quickly demand a referendum to extradite George W. Bush to the World Court or the International Criminal Court for prosecution.

Extreme circumstances require extreme remedial measures. George Bush mustn't be permitted to embark on his ridiculous crusade of injustice. The clock of history beats onward relentlessly as American hearts grow heavier by the day. George W. Bush's reign of terror must be terminated -- the sooner, the better. Let's hope and pray the end will be merciful and democratically induced.

Franklin L. Johnson


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