Saturday, June 30, 2007

When's Enough Enough?

TO: Mr. Bob Herbert

Your article on the plight of black America was excellent, but let's get a few things straight:

The American people shouldn't have to vote the Bush mob out of office because WE didn't vote them IN in the first place! Apparently, you haven't read recent histories of the criminal electoral shenanigans committed during 2000 and 2004. First, Bush was SELECTED by the Five Supremes who "voted" this cruel cretin into office. The electorate had nothing to do with this crime. Then, in 2004, there's a mountain of evidence proving the presidential election was stolen, unfairly and unsquarely. Lastly, the incomprehensible crimes of the Bush mob are so extensive you have to wonder what it would take to indict the evilest administration in US history. If you just thought about doing a handful of these outrageous acts, you'd be locked away for life. So, how come we can't get any justice in the Bush mob's case? The Democratic debates at Howard university were laughable if they weren't so sad. The best and brightest of black America were inundated with smarmy stories about poverty, AIDS and drugs as if these were the only topics intellectually inclined blacks cared about. This "debate" was a world-class disgrace. The question shouldn't have been: What should we do about AIDS in the black community? The ideal question was: How did a disease which began in the white gay underground transfer itself almost exclusively to the black and Hispanic communities in a generation's time? No bug in the history of diseases has ever accomplished this feat of selective infection. Obama, Clinton and virtually every candidate are slaves to campaign cash. As long as private money finances our public elections, there's little reason to believe anything these pseudo-leaders have to say. The people don't rise up against the authoritarian monsters who rule this nation because we've had our livelihoods threatened in one way or another. Mr. Herbert, you know the handwriting is on the wall even at the NY Times. Great writers like yourself are on the endangered species list. Only a few of you have the courage to write the truth anymore, lest you find yourself abruptly terminated. These are insane times and the people are adrift for wont of genuine leadership. It no longer exists in this nation -- not from the politicians, not from religious leaders and certainly not from the corporate elite. When's enough enough? Certainly, it's been more than enough from the moment George W. Bush put his cold hand on the Bible to make his curse against the constitution. It's a miracle the Good Book didn't burst into flames. The authoritarian dictatorship we're all suffering under now took a long time to set into place. It's the most comprehensive subjugation of our constitutional rights in our nation's history. This has taken place because the NY Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and the rest of major media have refused to investigate fully the ultimate crime in our nation's history, namely the obvious fact the 9/11 attacks were an inside job. There's sufficient evidence in the public record to prove it. Yet, no one in our vaunted media wants to call the Bush mob on this crime of crimes. Of course, this isn't the first time our government has engaged in false flag operations in order to set our nation on a particular political path. However, this is the first time our own government has attacked the American people in large numbers in order to restart the cold war, loot the Treasury and establish global hegemony. No one on the planet voted for any of this, yet we have the most murderous maggots running our government pretending they have some interest in promoting peace, justice and liberty. The Bush mobsters don't belong in the White House because these neocon-victs belong in the jail house. Our major media need to summon the courage to shed light on the 9/11 attacks and fully investigate their execution. If these crimes are properly examined and the evidence proves 19 Muslims were responsible, then we must accept the truth. However, if a genuine review of all the facts demonstrate members of our own government are responsible, then it's time to resurrect the Nuremberg Tribunal. The crimes against humanity committed by the Bush mob are so extensive only a court inquiry of global proportions would be sufficient. You ask: When's enough enough? This important issue must be put into perspective. The Bush mob's criminal deeds have offended the entire human race. It makes no sense to accuse them only of insensitivity towards the black community. These monsters must be indicted, tried and sentenced for their outrageous crimes against humanity, including the senseless slaughter in the Middle East based on the 9/11 myth. Anything short of a Nuremberg-type Tribunal would merely be tilting at windmills. Enough has long been enough. It's well past time we stood together as a people and said: NO MORE MADNESS! If we don't stop these barbarians now, there will never be an end to their villainy. George W. Bush was correct in his assessment: You're either with us or agin us. Well, it's time to say resoundingly: We're against you and your criminal conspirators! The first step on the long road to recovery is to admit you have a problem. The cancerous gangsters running our nation must be confronted. We must admit we found the enemy and agree he's leading us to Hell without the hand-basket. Then, and only then, we can begin the healing process. It's never too late to have another revolution to save America's soul. And, despite the darkness of our days, America is indeed worth saving.

Franklin L. Johnson


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